Learn about the Team at Arlington, TX, including our Treasurer and Cash and Debt Administrator.
Photo of Ethan Klos

Ethan Klos

(817) 459-6303

Ethan Klos is the Treasurer for the City of Arlington. He has been with the City since Aug 2009. As Treasurer, Ethan is responsible for the Cash management, Debt financing, and Investments of the City’s portfolio. Other responsibilities include managing the banking relationships, credit card acceptance, capital budget, hotel occupancy tax program, and working closely with economic development. Prior to joining the City, Ethan had worked for a number of Fortune 500 companies in their Treasury departments beginning at Dell Computer in 1995. Ethan holds an MBA in Finance from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University – San Marcos) and a BS in Radio-TV-Film from the University of Texas, Austin.

Photo of Lisa Williams, CTP, CGFO

Lisa Williams, CTP, CGFO

Cash and Debt Administrator
(817) 459-6268

Lisa Williams was promoted as the Cash and Debt Administrator for the City of Arlington in February 2023.  As the Cash and Debt Administrator, Lisa is responsible for the administration of the City’s debt, investments, financial policies, and disclosures.  Lisa has been with the City’s Finance department since October 2014 and her past roles consisted of being a Treasury Analyst and Senior Budget Analyst.  Lisa’s experience includes administration of cash management, cash handling training, banking relationships, payment processing, and tax collections for hotel occupancy tax, short term rentals, and franchise fees.  Prior to joining the City’s Finance department, Lisa worked for the City’s Parks and Recreation department as an Assistant Facility Coordinator in 2008.  Lisa has earned certification as a Government Financial Officer (CGFO) and Certified Treasury Professional (CTP).  Lisa holds a master’s in business administration from University of Texas, Arlington (UTA), and a bachelor’s in business administration from Texas Christian University (TCU).